Longview Resident Named Senior Citizen of the Year

April 19th, 2011

Ardith “Ardie” Bennett has been named Senior Citizen of the Year 2011 by Tompkins County Office for the Aging.


Ardie is a tireless advocate for seniors in our community and beyond.  Along with being deeply involved in nearly every aspect of life at Longview, Ardie is a force to be reckoned with in the greater Tompkins County area. 


Ardie is an active member of St. Paul’s United Methodist Church, serving as a greeter and assisting with mailings.  She sews sleeping bags for the homeless with a group called My Brother’s Keeper.  She devotes a great deal of her time to Wonderful Wheelchairs, a program conducted by RSVP volunteers in which old, poorly operating manual wheelchairs are repaired, refurbished and made available to persons in the Ithaca area who need them.


She is a member of Ithaca College Toastmasters, as well as participating in Longview’s Mad Hatter Kazoo Band, the Intergenerational Choir, and Quilter’s Dream- a group which brings together Longview and Ithaca College student quilters. Ardie has also served on Longview’s Independent Resident Council on the food service committee.


Ardie is ever vigilant in watching out for her neighbors.  She is the "unofficial parking protector" here at Longview making sure to ticket cars if they are parked where they are not supposed to be.  This ensures that many of our residents who need to park close to the building may do so for safety's sake and don't have to report the cars themselves.  An indefatigable driver herself, Ardie also gives her friends who no longer drive rides to medical appointments, grocery shopping, hair appointments and other errands.


Ardie also does something that most active seniors balk at:  she makes regular visits to area nursing homes.  Every Sunday when the weather is good, Ardie and her friend Roberta Dingman visit Oak Hill Manor Nursing Home to spend time with former Longview residents who now live there.  She also makes the drive over to a nursing home in Watkins Glen to visit former Longview friends.  Although the residents she visits may be suffering from dementia and can’t recall her name, they always recognize Ardie’s smiling face.  Her visits cheer and boost their spirits immeasurably.


Ardie is involved in numerous organizations that provide support services and activities which enrich the lives of her fellow senior citizens, and she does it all with good humor and a hearty smile.  As her friend Roberta Dingman says, “I’ve never heard of anyone else who does as much as she does for people.” 

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